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386server.info is a 386SX-16 based server built from spare parts. The server went online on April 4, 2006, as atorrejon.dsl.pdx.spiretech.com. The only components that were purchased new were the hard disk and the case/power supply. Slackware Linux, along with Apache Web server software are used. Auxiliary Gopher capabilities, using Bucktooth Perl-based Gopher server software, are available. This server is living proof of the Linux operating system's efficiency and the money-saving opportunities made possible.

On June 6, 2007, the domain name 386server.info was registered. The main reasons for doing this were:

A little bit more about our server:

There are many severs on the Internet that live in small businesses and homes. They use DSL and cable modems as their Internet connections. You are accessing such a server right now. No introduction would be complete without some pictures!

Our server lives here

The server lives behind these walls.

The Server

This is the server that delivers these pages to you! At the left, you can see the DSL modem that is used (a Westell 516). A 386 makes a good frugal web server because of its low power consumption. The savings are maximized by spinning down the server's hard disks during periods of inactivity. Some skeptics might complain, "But a 386 is slooooooow! You can't use it as a server!?!!" Before setting up this webserver, I decided to test its speed. In these tests, I found that it can serve documents at a rate approaching 2.2 megabits per second. Its throughput as an IP-masquerading host is about 1.5 megabits per seconds. These speeds far exceed those of the DSL connection.

The website DSLWebserver.com provides a great deal of useful information about setting up and operating a web server on a DSL or cable modem connection. That website is also operated on a DSL connection. There are many companies selling domains at low cost. The 386server.info domain was purchased from Active Domain.com.

On October 15, 2012, due to circumstances beyond our control (and that of our ISP), DSL service to 386server was terminated. 386server's Internet connection was restored on November 9, 2012, using FiOS (a fiber optic service available from the local phone company). Unfortunately, this forced the retirement of the trusty Westell 516 that had served 386server for so many years. 386server now has an Internet connection whose speed exceeds that of the server.

The Sysadmin

This is the administrator of the frugal web server. It is a pleasure bringing this service to you.

Here is some of the content currently available on this web server:

Other Frugal Sites:


If you have a gopher capable browser, you can browse sites in Gopherspace just as easily as a Web site. Try clicking here. If you see an error message instead of a Gopher menu, try visiting Floodgap.com's Public Gopher Proxy.

Comments and questions may be directed to alfredo @t 386server [d0t] info.

Page updated November 21, 2012.