It's Back!!

After much anticipation, Dave "Records" Stone launched his KISN Radio Revival site on February 24, 2012. The site is a living virtual museum dedicated to the memory of KISN radio, which was the Top-40 champion on the Portland AM dial from its launch in 1959 until the FCC forced it off the air in 1976. Countless Baby Boomers grew up listening to the Good Guys on KISN. For those too young to have experienced KISN's glory days, this is probably as close as one can come to stepping into a time machine.

Not wanting to miss the historic return of KISN, I "airchecked" the launch of the Internet stream. This was done by capturing and saving a MP3 stream of the broadcast, without performing any type of format conversion. The only operation performed was to cut the resulting MP3 file into 30 minute segments to make downloading and searching easier.

Prior to the official launch, the KISN Internet stream played novelty music and other material not necessarily related to the station's programming format. Radio industry people call this practice stunting.

The following clips were recorded hours before the launch (roughly midnight to 2AM on February 24):

For some time before the launch, the stream played a ticking "clock" sound effect. About 15 seconds of this "countdown" were included in Segment 1 (below). Roughly the first half hour (Segment 1) of KISN was composed entirely of old airchecks and jingles. Subsequent segments feature Dave "Records" Stone playing music and interviewing a variety of KISN DJs (who will have regular slots on the new KISN).

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