The Stoner's back with the Time Machine!!

The legendary 91-derful KISN debuted with its Top-40 format on May 1, 1959. The airchecks on this page are of the May 6, 2006 episode of the Time Machine Show with Dave "Records" Stone. That entire episode was dedicated to the 47th anniversary of the radio station.

The airchecks on this page are of the over-the-air broadcast at 910 kHz. A total of about 4 1/2 hours of audio are available. The stopsets have been preserved as separate segments.

Note: To listen, please save the mp3 file(s) to your computer hard disk and then play the file from your disk. Download speeds will vary depending on server activity. Attempting to play these files directly from the links below may result in the sound breaking up or in no playback at all.

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