Adele Played Portland's Mission Theater on May 29, 2008 at 8:15 PM. This performance was part of a "mini tour" that did not include Adele's official backup band. The May 29 performance ran approximately one hour and drew about 100 people.

Artistic Liberation Front
Adele and one of her guitars
Adele playing the guitar
Adele with guitarist
Adele with keyboard player
Chasing Pavements finale

Click on any of the above photos to see or download a larger version. The subdued lighting used in this venue made photography difficult.

1. The chain-smoking Artistic Liberation Front guy was busy puffing on his cigarette and keeping neighborhood billboards free of commercial grafitti. During her performance, Adele said that she had "smoked ten cigarettes" that morning to combat jetlag. I think that Adele was joking.

2. To add to the intimate feel of this concert, the performance began in the most low-key way imaginable. Adele ran up to the stage and said, "Hi. I'm Adele." An assistant handed her a guitar, and she went into the first song.

3. Several of the songs were solo performances, with Adele playing one of her many guitars and singing.

4. In a few of the later numbers, Adele had a guitarist performing with her.

5. On a few songs, Adele was accompanied by a keyboard player.

6. The final number, "Chasing Pavements" featured Adele with both guitar and keyboard. For the sake of her American audience, Adele changed the lyric in one of the refrains to "chasing sidewalks."

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